Brand - Menton
Customer - Jinmailang Beverage Corporate Ltd
Country - China

JinMaiLang Beverage Corporate Ltd, the leader in the Chinese Beverage Industry, asked Gentlebrand to restyle the packaging of Menton Light Drink, the flagship product with more than 1 million pieces  sold in 2019. The project was also awarded with the “Bronze A’Design Award” in 2020.  Menton Lemon Light Drink is a light-flavored water available in 6 different varieties, targeting young people. Gentlebrand was asked to premiumize the packaging making it stand out from competitors by increasing its perceived value and emphasizing the water healthy attributes but without impacting price positioning. The result is a sleek bottle with an eye-catching body sleeve. The metallic “Tifanny blue” unifies all different flavors creating the brand image, while the upper part color reflects the water flavor. The project also involved the rework of the logo making it bigger and more recognizable.